TOSCA v1.0 has become official OASIS Standard

On November 24th 2013 the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) version 1.0 was ratified as an official OASIS standard. In the final membership vote, where 47 yes-votes would have been required, TOSCA got 70 yes-votes from OASIS member organizations which reflects a broad support within the OASIS membership.

The official TOSCA v1.0 specification can be found at:

Public TOSCA interop demo presented at EuroCloud 2013 conference

At this year’s EuroCloud conference which was held on October 15th and 16th in Luxembourg, members of the OASIS TOSCA TC presented a first public interoperability demo based on the OASIS TOSCA standard. Based on an example use case, the exchange and the processing of a Cloud service described using the TOSCA standard between tools and platforms of IBM, Fujitsu, HP, Huawei, SAP, Vnomic and Zenoss was shown.

The complete OASIS press release can be found using the following link:

Third TOSCA Committee Specification Draft published

On August 16th 2012 the third Committee Specification Draft (CSD03) of the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Application (TOSCA) was published on the OASIS web site. The current draft contains important enhancements like the specification of a packaging format for cloud services, which have been driven to a great extend by the CloudCycle consortium members IBM and University of Stuttgart.

The current draft can be found at the following location:

TOSCA a key standard in IBM Tivoli’s Cloud Strategy

In a recent article, Jamie Thomas, IBM Vice President of Tivoli Strategy and Development, named TOSCA and OSLC as key standards in IBM Tivoli’s Cloud strategy. The complete article can be found under the following link:

TOSCA identified as one of the top-ten standards in Cloud Computing

At the recent “Innovate 2012″ conference held in Orlando, IBM identified TOSCA – a key element of the CloudCycle project – as one of the top-ten standards in Cloud Computing. This was stated by Angel Diaz, IBM Vice President Software Standards.

More information can be found under the following link:

Cloud Study “On the Security of Cloud Storage Services”

Fraunhofer SIT, one of the partners of the CLOUDCYCLE project, recently published a study on the security of cloud storage services. Besides the market leader Dropbox, Fraunhofer SIT evaluated the security of six other cloud storage services including CloudMe, CrashPlan, Mozy, TeamDrive, Ubuntu One, as well as the Swiss provider Wuala. The testers focused in particular on data encryption and secure communication. Each provider had some security flaws, none of the providers completely met even the basic security requirements: Some of the providers do not use a secure standard protocol to protect the data transfer. Providers also have been downgraded if they send data unencrypted to the cloud. Besides technical flaws, the study also reveals weaknesses in user guidance. As a result, confidential data may be found by search engines.

The complete study can be downloaded for free:

First TOSCA Committee Specification Draft published

On April 4th 2012, the first Committee Specification Draft (CSD) of the TOSCA specification has been published, which represents an important milestone in the standardization of a common language for describing Cloud services. The specification can be downloaded at the following location:

The TOSCA OASIS Technical Committee (TC) so far counts more than 60 members from leading companies of the IT industry – amongst them being IBM, one of the partners in the CloudCycle project. More information about the TOSCA standardization can be found at the web site of the TOSCA TC at:

TOSCA standard for an open ecosystem of portable cloud services

IBM, one of the industrial partners of the CLOUDCYCLE project, together with leading worldwide IT enterprises, recently established the standardization initiative TOSCA – Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications – as a technical committee of OASIS. The TOSCA TC met for the first time on December 12, 2011.

At that meeting, Simon Moser (IBM Germany Research & Development Ltd.) was elected co-chair and Thomas Spatzier (also from IBM Germany Research & Development Ltd.) was chosen as co-editor. The planned TOSCA standard will define a language to describe cloud applications and services in terms of their structure (topology) and of their management behavior (orchestration). In contrast to existing standards, TOSCA aims at achieving a holistic description, i.e., a description covering everything from application components to the application infrastructure, taking into account the entire life cycle of cloud services. Therefore, TOSCA forms the basis for the trusted service definitions foreseen in CLOUDCYCLE.

An overview of TOSCA and the draft specifications can be found here:

Information on the OASIS TOSCA TC can be found here:

CeBIT 2011: IBM and its CLOUDCYCLE consortium partners win the competition for “education cloud”

On the opening day of CeBIT 2011, IBM and its consortium partners of the CLOUDCYCLE project were awarded the project of creating the first German “education cloud” (“Bildungs-Cloud”). The “education cloud” is one of twelve cloud projects supported by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology in the framework of the Trusted Cloud initiative. Andreas Pelzner of the CLOUDCYCLE project received the award from Dr. Andreas Schuseil of the German Ministry of Ecomonics and Technology.

More information on the “education cloud” (in German) can be found here:

BMWI press release (in German)
IBM press release (in German)
Photo of the award